CNC Machining, Plastic Injection Molding, 3D Printing & Much More

Specialty Manufacturing Support

We build small production quantity specialty equipment. We design and manufacture products in areas of automation and production assistance. Our designs address needs ranging from a production line to automated monitoring devices.

Industrial Facilities, Pipelines & Plumbing Systems, Cloud Servers

Emergency Tech Rescue

We can come in and assist your team with time sensitive product development. Our team brings fast developing mindset without the corporate slow speed and baggage. We can come in and save the it.

Custom Mechanical, Electrical, and Software Systems We Can Do It ALL!

Turn Custom Turn Key Machine & Product Design

We design and build high-tech solutions for our customer’s needs. We are always looking for opportunities to turn our customer’s ideas into reality.

Smart Systems

We design and manufacture autonomous devices. Our systems oversee and collect data. We design smart sensor hubs and can process real-time data for safety, billing, or analytics.

We can remotely monitor live equipment operation from across the country and all over the world via cloud integration. We provide secure, reliable data analytics in real time for our customers.