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What technologies does Kayrev utilize for product design?

  • LTE Cat3 and Cat5, Cat M, BLE 4.2, Zigbee, WiFi
  • C#, C++, Ruby, Python, C (OS drivers & embedded), JavaScript, and Java (rarely)
  • Solid Works
  • Blow mold design, 3D printing, CNC
  • BGA layouts, ROHS and Leaded boards, PWA & PCB
  • AWS, UDP, TCP, EtherCad, CAN
  • Embedded 16 bit/32 bit MMU Less processors and micro-controllers
  • 32 bit MMU bases processors and micro-controllers
  • 64 bit OS Linux and Windows
  • Agile, Jira, Slack, Kanban, Git

What’s is our unique offering?

We are a small and focused group of Electrical, Mechanical, and Software engineers. We specialize in rapid prototyping and manufacturing facilitation of smart, autonomous as well as human operated systems. We design circuit boards, 3D print and/or machine hardware, and write software applications.

What sets us apart from others?

Our primary goal is to create and innovate. This leads to the question ‘Why are we here?’ – our answer sets us apart from other firms. A nice 401K plan or a cushy office are not the reason we are in the business. We are here to create things that did not exist before, and we strive to advance our world one step and one design at a time.

What are our capabilities?

We are still trying to answer this question – we would say the sky is the limit, but our work in rocketry and other aerospace applications say otherwise!